Mobile phone kits

Mobile Phone Kits

Many phone these days have a blue thooth option which means you can intergrate it into you vehicles on stereo, depending on your phone depends what kit is best for you.

Please call us quote model of phone and we will be able to help you with the best option for your phone.

Also there are many car stereos now with built in bluetooth phone option for calls which connects to your phone when you turn on your key so sometimes this is a good alternative to upgrade your sounds as well.

Basic Parrot bluethooth kit Parriot 3000 kit


There is many systems in to choose from see whats best for your phone.

Parrot 3200 ayatem              Parrot 3100 kit


Call us and we can help you with the option best suited for your need.

Ph Ak (09) 377-7716. 

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